Tape & Label Adhesives

May 22, 2024

Understanding the versatile role that adhesives play in the tape and label manufacturing world is highly advantageous for numerous industries worldwide. From simple household tapes to complex labeling solutions for high-tech products, adhesive technology plays a pivotal role in ensuring efficient applications continue to transform the world. Tape and labels serve as essential tools for communication, identification, safety and much more. Below are a few examples of tape and label applications that continue to be at the forefront of adhesive innovation;

Packaging Tapes

Packaging tapes are the workhorses of the tape and label industry, providing secure and efficient sealing for cartons and packages of all shapes and sizes. These tapes typically utilize pressure-sensitive adhesives (PSAs) that form strong bonds with a wide range of surfaces. Engineers have developed packaging tapes with varying adhesive strengths, catering to unique packaging requirements. Whether it’s the closure of lightweight boxes or heavy-duty shipping containers, these tapes offer reliability, ease-of-use and tamper-evident features, ensuring the safe transport of goods.

Removable Labels

In today’s consumer-driven markets, labels must be informative, aesthetically appealing and often times easily removable. Removable labels have become increasingly popular as they strike the perfect balance between staying firmly adhered to the product while also being easily removable without leaving residue. Chemical engineers have formulated low-tack PSAs for these labels, allowing for clean removability from various products without damaging the underlying surfaces. Removable labels find use in promotional stickers, product labeling and temporary signage, providing convenience to consumers without compromising product integrity.

High-Temperature Labels

In both industrial and aerospace applications, labels face extreme temperatures and harsh environments. Ordinary adhesives fail under such conditions, compromising safety and reliability. To address this challenge, chemical engineers have formulated high-temperature adhesives capable of withstanding temperatures exceeding 200 degree Celsius. These specialized adhesives maintain their bond strength, dimensional stability and resistance to chemicals even in these extremely demanding environments. High-temperature labels are indispensable in industries where products are subjected to extreme heat, such as automotive engines, industrial machinery and electronic components.

RFID Labels

RFID labels (Radio Frequency IDentification) have transformed inventory management, supply chain logistics and asset tracking. These labels consist of a thin, flexible circuit embedded with a RFID chip and antenna. Engineers face the challenge of integrating these delicate electronics with the adhesive and label materials to ensure robust performance. RFID labels use custom adhesives that provide a strong bond while avoiding interference with the RFID signal transmission. As a result, industries such as retail, healthcare and manufacturing benefit from real-time tracking, improved inventory control and enhanced security.


Adhesive application understanding is fundamental to solving the complex challenges and delivering innovative solutions to the tape and label industry today. From the reliability of packaging tapes to the versatility of removable labels, adhesive technology enables manufacturers to meet diverse requirements with efficiency and precision.

By staying current with the latest adhesive technology, chemical engineering techniques continue to push the boundaries for what is possible. As consumer demand evolves, and industries increasingly rely on sophisticated labeling and bonding solutions to fulfill that request, chemical engineers will continue to play a more vital role in driving these adhesive innovations in the Tape and Label industry.

Accordingly, the fusion of adhesive technology with engineering expertise has resulted in the remarkable progress being witnessed in the Tape and Label industry today. Embracing this dynamic in an ever-changing landscape will undoubtedly lead to more exciting advancements, further propelling the tape and label industry’s growth while making a lasting impact on the manufacturing world as a whole.

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