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Glue Dots International: From innovator to market leader

GDI: Adhering to our core values


We constantly push ourselves to shape the future of adhesives. We look at real world problems that our clients face and develop corresponding procured solutions. Whether it be our products, service or guidance, we are driven to innovate on our client’s behalf.


At GDI Adhesives, we strive to be as accessible as possible. Our high standards of proactive collaboration and stringent follow-up are what set us apart from our competitors. Our dedication to approachability is genuine. It is what allows us the ability to navigate our partnerships seamlessly.


We are committed to the success of our clients and pride ourselves in meeting deadlines and delivering superior outcomes. Matching unique project requirements with equivalent distinctive solutions is our objective… and our ‘whatever it takes’ philosophy is shared by the entire GDI team.


From our patents to the unparalleled industry experience of our team, GDI is the definition of expertise. Our battle tested staff has deep knowledge of proven industrial adhesive solutions spanning across decades. In short, we know adhesives better than anyone.

Our history of teamwork and success

1997: Conception

Glue Dots is originated from the first adhesive problem; bonding two balloons together. Our first customer required an instant bonding, cold adhesive possessing repeatable product dimensions with the ability to apply with ease. The previous method of using hot glue guns that burned through their latex substrates was no longer acceptable. Glue Dots is born!

1999: Patents awarded.

Glue Dots is granted the 1st of many utility and design patents for its flagship product, Glue Dots instant bonding adhesive products.

2000: Glue Dots expands to Europe.

Glue Dots launches ‘Glue Dots – Europe’, officially introducing the company on a global scale and adding ‘international’ to the nametag. European manufacturing operations officially open in Keighley England, United Kingdom.

2001: Consumer Division launch

GDI, which fondly becomes the new nickname, launches our Consumer Division at the Hobby Industry Association. From that point forward, millions of consumers have discovered endless uses for the expanded Glue Dots product line.

2004: It’s official.

GDI is officially awarded a registered trademark for the namesake, Glue Dots®.

2006: GDI expands to Asia

GDI launches ‘Glue Dots International – Asia’ expanding its global operations to Shenzhen China and completing the worldwide manufacturing triangle, supporting customer supply chain necessities spanning (3) continents.

2008: The year of automation

GDI launches a line of semi-automated and fully automated equipment; the EconoDot® (semi-automated), SD-900® (fully automated), allowing customers to speed up their dispensing capabilities and ability to economize respective assembly lines.

2014: Our new headquarters

GDI moves locations from New Berlin WI to the Germantown WI USA, expanding its N American manufacturing capabilities.

2017: Expanding our portfolio

GDI acquires Heartland Adhesives and The Glue Factory, GDI Adhesives becoming the new consolidated operational entity. These additions enable GDI Adhesives to increase its comprehensive adhesive portfolio of manufacturing industrial hotmelt and water-based capabilities..

2019: Creating a bigger vision

GDI once again expands the existing Germantown WI USA headquarter footprint, building an additional 73,000 sq ft, resulting in a 130,000 total sq ft facility.

2021: Committed to excellence

Glue Dots® International is now a principal adhesive technologies manufacturer servicing global audience demand. Our company possesses the advanced capabilities to manufacture, convert and innovate an extensive degree of adhesive solutions for frequent and distinctive industrial applications in a multitude of prominent markets today.