Tape & Label Adhesives: Remarkable Versatility

A world leader in custom adhesive solutions for Tape & Label industry challenges.

Our label adhesive solutions are behind many labels you come in contact with on a daily basis, including:

  • Removable/Repositionable Label Adhesives
  • Piggyback Label Adhesives 
  • Linerless Label Adhesives
  • Produce Label Adhesives 
  • Direct Thermal Label Adhesives 
  • Double-sided Tape Label Adhesives
  • High Performance Label Adhesives 
  • Differential Label Adhesives 
  • High Temperature Label Adhesives

Tapes: Adhesive versatility is a large part to label success.

Our state-of-the-art lab and world-class chemists have developed a remarkable range of adhesive solutions for the Tape and Label world. We work individually with customers to design and formulate adhesive solutions that best fit your most challenging Tape & Label applications, including:

  • Double Coated Tape Adhesives
  • Unsupported Transfer Tape Adhesives
  • Packaging Tape and Label adhesives
  • Poly bag Label Adhesives
  • Pest and Insect Control Tape Adhesives
  • Transfer Tape Adhesives
  • Pre-Mask Tape for Sign Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape Adhesive for Waterproof Tyvek Wristbands

Labeling: Invisible Solutions. Visible Results.

From food-safe produce labels to direct thermal labels, we design pressure sensitive adhesives to meet your unique project specifications.

Some of our most popular adhesive solutions for labels includes:


Bottle labeling adhesives


Permanent or removable label adhesives


Direct food contact label adhesives

Permanent & removable label adhesives

FDA-approved adhesives for produce, medical and freezer grade labels


Linerless thermal label adhesives

Battery label adhesives

Glue Dots solve a candle company’s manufacturing dilemma.

The Problem:

The brand’s label – and image – was in jeopardy.

A leading North American candle manufacturer was preparing a launch of new scented oils. During assembly, they noticed a big problem: The oil bottles tended to rotate in the carton, moving their brand’s label from view. To avoid a delay in the launch – and an expensive repackaging change — they needed to find a fast and cost-effective solution.

The Solution:

Glue Dots kept their packaging – and budget – in order.

With Glue Dots, their packaging problems were quickly resolved. Super High Tack, High Profile Glue Dots were applied to the inside rear of the box where the bottle rested. The strength of the bond held the bottles in place and kept the labels facing forward. Utilizing versatile Dot Shot® Pro applicators, it was a quick and easy effort for the candle manufacturer to apply Glue Dots in the exact location needed to resolve the problems. 

The Result:

The candle manufacturer met their deadline and looked great doing it, too.

The complete Glue Dots solution:

  • Enabled their branding to be front and center with properly-facing labels
  • Saved the manufacturer from the expensive costs and delay of having to redesign their packaging 
  • Enabled the customer to meet their shipping deadline

“Glue Dots allowed us to make that shipment on time,” said the president of the candle manufacturing company. “We were able to do it quickly and cost-effectively.”

GDI finds a better way to wrap a gift.

The Problem:

Operators say no to inefficient double-sided tape guns

Gift wrap is a $3.2 billion dollar segment of retail sales, providing online and brick-and-mortar retailers with gift wrapping service, an important customer service tool and a reliable, additional revenue stream. Having efficient and functional gift wrap supplies are critical for the overall gift wrap revenue stream. At a distribution center of a global department store, Gift Wrap Operators refused to use hand-held double-sided tape applicators because they were constantly gumming up and jamming, resulting in wasted supplies and an inefficient process. Instead, the operators had to painstakingly measure and cut each piece of double-sided tape by hand to wrap gifts. Faced with an inefficient process and low employee morale, the Gift Wrap Manager needed to replace the double-sided tape and applicators ahead of the busy holiday season. 

The Solution:

GDI gives the present of efficiency.

Glue Dots International presented the refillable, QuikDot Pro for testing as a solution to the Gift Wrap Department Manager. The QuikDot Pro fits comfortably in the palm of the hand for easy, repetitive use and provides an instant bond to wrapping paper and other materials. Made from high impact polycarbonate, the QuikDot Pro also stands up to rugged distribution center. Paired with Glue Dots Brand 7100 adhesive, the QuikDot Pro quickly and cleanly dispensed a double-sided adhesive without jamming or gumming up.

The Result:

A great solution never looked so good.

The GDI solution was a huge success:

  • Gift Wrap Operators “loved” the QuikDot Pro and the clean release of the 7100 adhesive. 
  • The QuikDot Pro increased the efficiency of their gift wrap process. 
  • Faced with a triple digit growth projection, the Gift Wrap Services Department is now equipped to handle the increased volume.

      While using the QuikDot Pro, one operator said she “had never wrapped a gift so fast.” 


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