Pressure-sensitive adhesive solutions to the world’s most challenging manufacturing projects.

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Adhesive Industries

From our patents to the unparalleled industry experience of our team, GDI is the definition of expertise. Our battle tested staff have vast knowledge spanning a myriad of industries across decades. In short, we know adhesives better than anyone.

Tape & Label

Filter Assembly

Lamination & Converting

Automotive & Transportation

Product Assembly

Innovative Adhesive Solutions


GDI Adhesives primary focus is custom adhesive manufacturing and tailoring to our customers’ most challenging applications in the industrial world.

Formula First Converting

Once the adhesives are procured, our lab team continues the mission collaboration with customers defining their ultimate product specification requirements.

Assembly & Packaging

Our Assembly and Packaging services round out the adhesive product service offering by providing the finishing fulfillment touches to the final product.



The Equipment Division’s primary goal is to understand our customer’s manufacturing process and yield increased adhesive efficiencies.

Why GDI Adhesives?

At GDI, we are unyielding in our commitment – and delivering superior outcomes — to our customers. We provide industry-changing innovations and approachable, friendly expertise for all of our solutions.

This includes a combination of the most superior adhesives, equipment and solutions available to the market today. Our advanced technologies coupled with unparalleled command for solving some of the most challenging manufacturing projects enable us to create the ideal adhesive results for virtually any application.

Innovative Adhesive Services

For decades, GDI has gone above and beyond in our pursuit of creating the ideal adhesive solution for our customers. We’ve developed offerings, processes and formulations that are unmatched in our industry, enabling project success and long-term relationships.


GDI Labs

GDI Labs is our premier adhesive partnership program dedicated to custom formulating solutions to the industrial world’s most challenging applications.

Formula First Converting

Formula First Converting

GDI ensures that you have the right adhesive formulation for your converting project. Our proprietary approach enables us to deliver superior solutions and more satisfied customers.

The Vault

The Formula Vault

Our secured library of proprietary adhesive formulas was created for GDI customers that choose exclusivity for custom formulations and provides that final piece of confidence.