5 reasons pressure sensitive adhesives will shape the future of the Tape and Label industry

June 18, 2024

The tape and label industry is constantly evolving to meet the increasing demands of the ecommerce, packaging, and printing respective industries by continuously developing innovative new products. Pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) are essential components in the manufacturing of these tape and label innovations, and their significance in shaping the future of this industry cannot be overstated.

As such, the development of more advanced and reliable PSAs is crucial in meeting the evolving demands of customers in the tape and label world. Here are six reasons why pressure sensitive adhesives will continue to be a main driving force in the tape and label industry’s future growth;

  1. Convertibility: Pressure sensitive adhesives are highly adaptable and can be converted to suit specific tape and label specifications, such as permanent or removable adhesives; cold or high temperature projects, as well as various bond strength options.
  2. Printing Industry: Pressure sensitive adhesives are excellent for printing specific applications, as the product information can be pre-printed on labels prior to production, eliminating the need to print directly on products anymore.
  3. Machine compatibility: Pressure sensitive adhesives are designed to work seamlessly with label and printing machines. They can be engineered to unwind easily while not activating thermal inks within the labels as well as able to be seamlessly integrated into already present production line capabilities.
  4. Removability and repositioning: Pressure sensitive adhesives make labels easy to remove and repositionable without leaving residue.
  5. Innovation and Customization: Pressure sensitive adhesives can be customized for distinct industries and applications. Some adhesive manufacturers, such as GDI Adhesives, possess their own laboratories to formulate these customized adhesives. Tape and label customers now have the choice to add exclusive characteristics to end products such as glow-in-the-dark, coloring, fragrances and UV augmentation to develop uniquely proprietary adhesives according to specific applications.

Clark Baily, Plant Manager at GDI Adhesives, emphasizes the company’s ability to work outside the box when it comes to formulating new and innovative pressure sensitive adhesives for the tape and label industry, adding unique characteristics to the adhesives that go beyond functional bonding properties bringing that extra value-added to customers utilizing them.

“GDI Adhesives is at the forefront of being able to work outside the box when it comes to formulating PSAs. The PSA adhesive manufacturing industry is not just looking at adhesives as functional bonding agents anymore, adding unique characteristics has become a mainstay for providing value-added potential to our tape and label customers never previously thought possible,” add Clark Baily.

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