High Volume Water-Based Adhesive

GDI Adhesive's High Volume Water-Based Adhesive solutions set quickly, and are a more eco-friendly and sustainable option than many other adhesives on the market.

High Volume ​​Water-Based Adhesive:
Sustainable & Quick Dry

High volume ​​water-based adhesives set quickly and are a more eco-friendly option than many other adhesives on the market.

What Are Water-Based Adhesives?

Water-based adhesives come as either a pre-mixed solution or a powder that must then be mixed with water. When the water evaporates or gets absorbed by the substrate, the adhesive is left behind. There are four main types of water-based adhesives: vegetable, casein, resin, and latex. 

Vegetable adhesive is often used by the paper industry. It’s known to be durable with material like paper, but it’s more susceptible to break down than other water-based adhesive types. Casein adhesive is more resistant to water than vegetable adhesive. It’s primarily used for bottling. Resin adhesive dries clear and is sometimes used for paper, as well as for wood and plastic. Lastly, latex adhesive is primarily used for stamps, envelopes, fabric and leather.

GDI Adhesives collaborates with customers understanding which adhesive best works for their project. Need help deciding? Reach out to a GDI Adhesive representative and we can work with you!

Why High Volume ​​Water-Based Adhesive?

High volume ​​water-based adhesives are versatile, cost-effective, and easy to apply. They have a wide variety of applications. High volume ​​water-based adhesives have good heat and water resistance, as well as high flexibility at low temperatures. Water-based adhesives are also better for the environment than the majority of alternate adhesive chemistries. They also have low to no VOCs, and are easy to remove from equipment. High volume ​​water-based adhesives are good at adhering to porous surfaces.

High Volume ​​Water-Based Adhesive Formats:

High volume ​​water-based adhesives can be applied in a variety of formats including via:

  • Roller
  • Spray gun
  • Immersion process

High Volume ​​Water-Based Adhesive Uses:

High volume ​​water-based adhesives can be used for everything from medical tape to woodworking. Other applications include:

  • Packaging
  • Bottling
  • Home appliances
  • Bookbinding
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Lamination
  • And more…

Why GDI Adhesives?

GDI Adhesives is known for its trusted and customized high volume ​​water-based adhesive formulas. Our staff has deep knowledge of proven industrial adhesive solutions spanning across decades. We know adhesives better than anyone.

GDI Adhesives not only has the ability to utilize a proprietary database with over 1200 formulas to customize adhesive solutions, but we also possess the ability to expedite customer solutions quickly with standard, stocked formulas. 

Are you looking for a standard or custom high volume ​​water-based adhesive solution? Contact us today!