GDI Labs: Adhesive Manufacturer with Superior Results

Our specialized approach yields superior results.

More than innovative converting, GDI Adhesives delivers innovative relationships.

The majority of converting companies want customers to do one thing: purchase previous products. While that is ideal for the converter, it often puts the manufacturer in a compromised position. Production teams functioning around these constraints isn’t ideal. GDI Adhesives aims to dynamically change this inefficient industry practice for the better.

This is where Formula First Converting comes into vision.

By assessing each unique customer application, GDI Labs fabricates custom formulations as a first step to ensure our customers possess the right adhesive formulation prior to moving to the second step of converting the adhesive product itself into the exact dimensions required by the project. This proprietary approach enables us to deliver superior solutions… and more satisfied customers.


Formula First Converting tailors custom adhesive solutions to an ever-changing manufacturing landscape.

GDI Adhesives possesses vast industry knowledge and experience in all aspects of the adhesive production to conversion process. From our ability to manufacture adhesives, to our follow-up ability to convert these formulations into a finished product, to our finishing touches of assembly and packaging, GDI Adhesives aims to make the adhesive product journey as seamless as possible with the goal of becoming the premier turn-key partner with our customers.

Capabilities built around the needs of our customers.

We’re here to make sure your project meets the highest standards of quality and efficiency. GDI Adhesives is a vertically integrated solutions business dedicated to production, product conversion and custom innovation, to final assembly, packaging and fulfillment of finished adhesive products, providing our customers the ideal adhesive solutions required to their most challenging production obstacles.


Innovations that solve the most complicated adhesive challenges in the industrial world.

Our global state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities formulate adhesives for many of the world’s largest industries. With a strong focus on production, we meticulously create the precise solutions our customers require in an efficient and reliable manner.


Converting Innovation: GDI Labs delivers Formula First solutions.

Our GDI Labs team – chemists, engineers and product managers – routinely meet the unique adhesive challenges of our customers. Our knowledge of substrates, adhesives and chemical bonding enable us to create the world’s most effective adhesive solutions.


Assembly and packaging: The final leg of our GDI service offering.

For decades, manufacturing companies around the world have trusted GDI to create superior converting solutions. One of the reasons is our unique Formula First approach to the customer journey.