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Adhesive accomplishment on a global scale

At GDI Adhesives, we develop adhesive solutions that provide a positive impact on the world. While we’re proud to footprint our world headquarters in North America, we’ve expanded our operations to better serve customers on a global scale.


GDI Americas

Operating out of our world headquarters in Germantown Wisconsin, USA, GDI Americas is an industry leader in innovative adhesive solutions. Our brand new, state-of-the-art facility, team of expert chemists and lab technicians, along with our cutting-edge, technology-led R&D initiatives, enable our company the unequalled competitive advantage of formulating custom adhesives for virtually any project.


GDI Europe

Located in Glasgow Scotland, United Kingdom, our UK & European headquarters offer world leading adhesive solutions to the important United Kingdom and European respective markets. All our adhesive solutions meet strict UK and European compliance and regulatory standards. For more information, visit:


GDI Asia

Manufacturing based in Shenzhen Guangdong Province, China, GDI Asia serves the APAC market through the production and distribution of pressure sensitive adhesives. By being able to serve one of the largest industrial epicenters in the world, GDI Asia has established itself as as additional manufacturing entity for the overall GDI organization but also a valued supply chain partner. For more information visit: