GDI Labs: US-Based Custom Adhesive Formula Manufacturer

We manufacture more than adhesives. We manufacture profitability.

GDI is the leading US-based, custom adhesive solution manufacturer. Our experts have been developing proven, custom adhesive formulas for a wide range of industries for decades. We’re uniquely capable of meeting the vast majority of challenging adhesive project requirements. That means no matter what difficult adhesive qualification your project demands, we have the capacity to meet it.

Proprietary techniques. Superior results.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility produces unparalleled results. We are capable of modifying the chemistry of any formulation to provide precise adhesive characteristics for your specific project. Our team of expert, on-site chemists analyze and evaluate each customized adhesive formulation to ensure superior product quality and adhesive solution fit.

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The best adhesive solution guidance. Period.

The GDI commitment to efficient project turnaround gives our customers the solutions they need faster than any other adhesive manufacturing company. From your initial project consultation to your end adhesive formulation, we deliver the highest quality adhesive solutions on the most expedited timetables, guaranteed.

The satisfaction of your adhesive solution is our focus.

What makes GDI Adhesives unique is our commitment to our customers. We have enduring relationships that have lasted decades. The GDI Adhesives team is here to help you determine the right solution for your application. Our team of experts will work with you to formulate the custom adhesive that fits your project specifications.

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GDI Solution Database: The industry’s most comprehensive adhesive database

The GDI Solution Database is a compilation of documented industry applications our team has been involved with throughout GDI’s history. With a multitude of successful past case studies, GDI Labs is equipped to fully understand the suitable adhesive solution to fit your unique challenges.

Our team of experts utilizes this compendium on a regular basis as a proven point of reference in determining the right adhesive solution for the right application.