Glue Dots Adhesives: Invisible Solution. Visible Results.

Invisible Solution. Visible Results.

Glue Dots®
Large/Round Adhesive Pattern

Our signature industrial pressure sensitive adhesive

Glue Dots® provides a clean, instant bond with no mess, residue or odor, making them a preferred alternative to hot melts, liquid glues and double-sided tapes. Glue Dots® pressure sensitive, double-sided adhesive patterns provide a clean, instant bond with zero cure time, less waste and safer application without requiring heat. Glue Dots leave no residue or odor and increases productivity while reducing costs.

Glue Dots are available in a variety of pattern, tack levels and profiles, which can be applied with manual, semi-automated or fully-automated adhesive application equipment.


  • Instant Bonding – Zero Cure Time
  • Clean – No Mess
  • Less Waste
  • No Burns – Cold Bond
  • FDA Compliant

About Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives

Glue Dots Dispenser Box Sell Sheet

Standard Glue Dots Dispenser Box

Standard Glue Dots Dispenser Box products are available in up to 4,000 count rolls and are offered in a range of patterns, tack levels and profiles. Dispenser boxes allow for easy hand application and storage.

XD43-4221/2 inSuper HighHighPermanent
XD43-6223/4 inSuper HighHighPermanent
XD43-4011/2 inSuper HighHighPermanent
XD41-2041/4 inSuper HighLowPermanent
XD41-4041/2 inSuper HighLowPermanent
XD42-4021/2 inSuper HighMediumPermanent
XD42-4011/2 inSuper HighMediumPermanent
XD33-4221/2 inHighHighSemi-Permanent
XD33-6223/4 inHighHighSemi-Permanent
XD33-4011/2 inHighHighSemi-Permanent
XD31-2041/4 inHighLowSemi-Permanent
XD31-4041/2 inHighLowSemi-Permanent
XD32-4021/2 inHighMediumSemi-Permanent
XD32-4011/2 inHighMediumSemi-Permanent
XD21-2041/4 inMediumLowRemovable
XD21-4041/2 inMediumLowRemovable
XD22-4021/2 inMediumMediumRemovable
XD22-4011/2 inMediumMediumRemovable

Dot Shot Pro Adhesives

For use with Dot Shot Pro Manual Adhesive Applicator.

DSP33-4041/2 inHighHighSemi-Permanent
DSP43-4041/2 inHighSuper HighPermanent
DSP32-4061/2 inMediumHighSemi-Permanent
DSP22-4061/2 inMediumMediumRemovable
DSP42-4061/2 inMediumSuper HighPermanent
DSP31-4011/2 inLowHighSemi-Permanent
DSP31-2011/4 in. StitchLowHighSemi-Permanent
DSP11-4011/2 inLowLowEasily Removable
DSP21-4011/2 inLowMediumRemovable
DSPM54-20201/4 in. Large MatrXLowPermanentPermanent
DSPM54-40201/2 in. Large MatrXLowPermanentPermanent
DSP-71000.35 x 0.40 inPermanentLowPermanent
DSPM84-20201/4 in. Large MatrXLowRemovableRemovable
DSPM84-40201/2 in. Large MatrXLowRemovableRemovable
DSP41-2011/4 in. StitchLowSuper HighPermanent
DSP41-4011/2 inLowSuper HighPermanent

EconoDot® Adhesives

For use with EconoDot® Semi-Automated Adhesive Dispenser.

ED33-4011/2 inHighHighSemi-Permanent
ED43-4011/2 inSuper HighHighPermanent
ED32-4021/2 inHighMediumSemi-Permanent
ED42-4021/2 inSuper HighMediumPermanent
ED31-4041/2 inHighLowSemi-Permanent
ED21-4041/2 inMediumLowRemovable
ED41-4041/2 inSuper HighLowPermanent

Auto Dot™ Pro Adhesives

For use with Auto Dot™ Pro Semi-Automated Adhesive Dispenser.

ADP41-4041/2 inSuper HighLowPermanent
ADP31-4041/2 inHighLowSemi-Permanent
ADP21-4041/2 inMediumLowRemovable

SD-900 Adhesives

For use with SD-900 Fully-Automated Adhesive Dispenser.  

ED41-4041/2 inLowSuper HighPermanent
ED31-4041/2 inLowHighSemi-Permanent
ED21-4041/2 inLowMediumRemovable

Specialty Glue Dots

Specialty Glue Dots are a selection of products formulated specifically for peak performance in balloon & decorating, candle making and gift basket assembly applications. The varieties of Glue Dots are developed to work with various contours and substrate materials while keeping items positioned and secure. Download the Glue Dots Gift Basket Assembly Adhesives.
XD51-1330Balloon1/2 inLow
XD51-1350Balloon1/2 inLow
XD52-1261Candle5/8 inMedium
XD52-1061Candle5/8 inMedium
XD32-401Gift Basket1/2 inMedium
XD32-402Gift Basket1/2 inMedium
XD42-401Gift Basket1/2 inMedium
XD42-402Gift Basket1/2 inMedium