The Formula Vault™: Proprietary Formulas for Any Need


Protect your custom formulation.

GDI Labs has developed hundreds of proprietary adhesive formulas for our customers, solving a multitude of critical challenges for unique global industries providing complete asset exclusivity.

Our secured library of proprietary adhesive formulas was created for GDI customers that choose exclusivity for their custom formulations. Their corresponding adhesive solution is sealed in our vault, ensuring maximum confidentiality and exclusivity rights. We are proud of the fact that GDI is the only adhesive solution company that offers this critical service.

The Formula Vault: The industry’s most secure custom formula solution


Protection in perpetuity ensures the results of our GDI Labs collaborative partnership maintains a definitive competitive advantage for our customers.


Our exclusive guarantee that all custom adhesive formulations are kept safe from competition provides our clients the ultimate piece of mind.


Our commitment to safeguarding intellectual property validates confidence knowing we value our customer success as much as they do.