APEX High Speed Slot Die Coater: Air-Operated


Ideal for precise high speed intermittent adhesive patterns

The APEX High Speed Slot Die Applicator is an air-operated hot melt adhesive applicator assembly with an optional filter manifold. The applicator is used with intermittent pressure and constant pressure hot melt adhesive supply units. Each APEX High Speed Slot Die applicator features various combinations of adhesive valve slot die modules mounted to a single service block. The applicator is heated by replaceable cartridge heating elements which are controlled by an integrated RTD sensor and electronic control. The APEX offers a variety of heated adhesive supply hose connections into the service or filter manifolds. 

A nice touch: In order to minimize response time, operating air and electrical connects from the solenoid valves are made to each individual module.


  • Precise high speed intermittent adhesive pattern
  • Perfect for narrow web, contact coatings
  • Clean adhesive cut-off at high speeds
  • Self-cleaning die lips permit the use of a variety of adhesive viscosities without build-up
  • Easy system integration