Glue Dots Instant Adhesives for Business

Designed to exceed all adhesive expectations.

GDI is the industry leader of double-sided adhesive patterns.

We have created the widest range of pressure-sensitive adhesive formulas for nearly every application and industry. Easy to use, our Glue Dots have been manufactured to be the clean, safe and superior alternative to messy liquid glues, unreliable glue guns and costly tapes.

Removable, permanent, and custom formulas

FDA Approved

Minimize Mess


Automated and manual dispensing capabilities

Choose a custom-made industrial formula or pattern

If you have a specific manufacturing, assembly or packaging challenge, Glue Dots® can work with you to engineer custom pre-formed pressure sensitive adhesives that meet your needs, many of which can be applied with our manual, semi-automated or fully-automated adhesive application equipment.

Our team of experts can help you determine the solution you need, with customizable variables that include:

  • Adhesive formula
  • Pattern shape
  • Thickness
  • Diameter
  • Spacing
  • Color
  • Scent
  • Temperature resistance
  • Strength  (substrate dependent)

Glue Dots' team of knowledgeable account specialists and engineers are available to help you determine the right product for your application.

Choose a ready-made formula or pattern

Discover the right Glue Dot solution for your unique needs:

Glue Dots®

Glue Dots® Adhesive

Large, Round. More Details

Stitch for Dot Shot Pro

Stitch Dot Adhesive

Medium, Round. More Details

MatrX™ for Dot Shot Pro

MatrX Adhesive

Small, Round. More Details

Glue Squares®

Glue Squares® Adhesive

Large, Square. More Details

QuikDot Pro

Stitch Square Adhesive

Medium, Square. More Details

The preferred adhesive solution for the majority of challenging applications


Our superior adhesive solutions are trusted in a multitude of assembly applications:

  • Electrical potting and encapsulating adhesives
  • Affixing hardware packets
  • Gasket fastening adhesives
  • Foam bonding adhesives


We’re proud to serve some of the world’s largest packaging companies for their many needs, including:

  • Labeling Adhesives
  • Promotional Packaging Adhesives
  • Gift-basket Adhesives
  • Bundling Adhesives
  • Contract Packaging and Fulfillment Adhesives in general

Food & Beverage

Our FDA-compliant adhesives are ideal for both direct and indirect food contact applications, including:

  • Produce Label Adhesives
  • Freezer Grade Adhesives
  • Beverage and Container Labeling
  • Food Safe Packaging Adhesives

Medical / Nutraceutical / Pharmaceutical

Global companies rely on us to create regulation-compliant adhesives for securing:

  • Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical Instruction Labeling
  • Medical Packaging Insert & Outsert Adhesives
  • Skin Contact Adhesives & FDA Direct Contact Approved Adhesives
  • Medical Tapes Adhesives / Dressing Adhesives / Test Strip Adhesives


Glue Dots are a superior, cost-effective alternative to traditional moisture-activated adhesives and wafer seals in applications including:

  • USPS® Compliant Adhesives
  • Post-Press Adhesives
  • Bindery Projects
  • Mail, Fulfillment & Contract Packaging Adhesives
  • POP Display Adhesives