The Econodot: Semi-Automated Adhesive Dispenser

Semi-Automated Adhesive Dispenser

Our most efficient and economical table dispenser.

Efficiency is critical for project success. That indisputable fact was the inspiration behind the development of our EconoDot® semi-automated adhesive dispenser. Econodot makes applying Glue Dots® Adhesives fast, simple and economical. Engineered for table-top dispensing, the EconoDot enhances an operators’ hands free productivity.

The perfect solution for contract packaging, sheltered workshops or fulfillment houses, EconoDot can dispense an extensive selection of Glue Dots patterns for many unique applications.

EconoDot features include:

  • Lightweight and small footprint
  • Minimal training required
  • Semi-automatic dispensing
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Holds rolls with up to 4,000 adhesive patterns

EconoDot Sell Sheet

EconoDot Manual

EconoDot® Adhesives

For use with EconoDot® Semi-Automated Adhesive Dispenser.

ED33-4011/2 inHighHighSemi-Permanent
ED43-4011/2 inSuper HighHighPermanent
ED32-4021/2 inHighMediumSemi-Permanent
ED42-4021/2 inSuper HighMediumPermanent
ED31-4041/2 inHighLowSemi-Permanent
ED21-4041/2 inMediumLowRemovable
ED41-4041/2 inSuper HighLowPermanent

About the EconoDot®

EconoDot is ideal for many industries, including:



Common use: Secure product orientation, attach samples prior to packaging/shrink wrapping and create multi-packs.



Common use: Secure medical product information sheets/outserts.


Printing, Post-Press & Mail

Common use: Attach promotional items and gift cards, close brochures and much more.