Auto Dot™ Pro: Semi-Automated Adhesive Dispenser

Semi-Automated Adhesive Dispenser

Our hands-free dispenser saves you time and effort.

Keep production lines moving with the versatile Auto Dot™ Pro semi-automated adhesive dispenser. It’s designed for seamless, high volume application of our Glue Dots® instant bonding adhesive patterns, a superior alternative to double-sided tapes, liquid glues and hot melts. Effortlessly use the Auto Dot Pro on any virtually any project with the upright or horizontal adhesive pattern application feature.


  • Great for projects requiring both hands
  • Fast reload and minimal downtime
  • Intermittent or continuous pattern advancement
  • Use for single or multiple adhesive pattern applications 
  • Custom adhesive pattern compatibility 
  • Made from stainless steel and aluminum, perfect for medical, nutra, pharma and clean room applications
  • Optional foot pedal for even faster adhesive advancement

Auto Dot Pro Sell Sheet

Auto Dot Pro Manual

Auto Dot™ Pro Adhesives

For use with Auto Dot™ Pro Semi-Automated Adhesive Dispenser.

ADP41-4041/2 inSuper HighLowPermanent
ADP31-4041/2 inHighLowSemi-Permanent
ADP21-4041/2 inMediumLowRemovable

About the Auto Dot Pro

AutoDot Pro is ideal for many industries, including:



Common use: Securing product orientation prior to packaging or shrink wrapping.


Manufacturing & Assembly

Common use: Affix/hold components in place prior to assembly.


Medical & Pharmaceutical

Common use: Securing medical product information sheets/outserts.