Ultra-compact Dot N’ Go® Hand-Held Glue Tape Applicator

Manual Adhesive Applicator

Get the job done right from anywhere.

It’s easy with the ultra-compact Dot N’ Go® hand-held applicator. Apply an invisible bond whenever and wherever needed without any dry time, electricity, training or maintenance. Our pocket-sized one-time applicator is preloaded with instant-bonding Glue Dots® Adhesives, making it the most convenient and affordable adhesive solution on the market.

Other Dot N’ Go features include:

  • Ultra-compact, durable design allows use in any environment, tight spaces
  • Outstanding for mobile project work
  • Available in permanent and removable formulas

Dot N Go Sell Sheet

Dot N' Go Adhesives

DNG51-3023/8 inPermanentPermanentLow
DNG81-3023/8 inRemovableEasily RemovableLow
DNG51-201S3/16 inPermanentPermanentLow

Dot N’ Go is ideal for many industries, including:

food & beverage

Food & Beverage

Common use: Repack or repair hot melt failures and reverse logistics. 


Everyday Office Use

Common use: Assemble business presentations, assemble sales kits and secure samples.


Printing, Post-Press & Mail

Common use: Attach promotional items and gift cards, close brochures and much more.