Glue Applicators: Manual, Semi-Automated & Fully Automated

Increase speeds and maximize productivity

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We pride ourselves on our ability to simplify the glue application process for any industry or use case. One of the main ways we accomplish this is by carrying a diverse range of versatile glue applicators. Our offerings can generally be grouped into manual, semi-automated, and fully automated applicators, differing primarily in size and method of operation.

Applicator Key Benefits

All our equipment runs on the same adhesive rolls, meaning you can combine tools without purchasing additional adhesives. This repurposing is just one of the ways our products save you money while increasing utilization possibilities. While each device offers its own advantages, all our applicators share a number of key benefits:

Require no additional drying or curing time
Produce no excess squeeze out, minimizing waste
Accommodate any production process or scale
Form strong, instant, and clean bonds
Match different materials and environments
Require no heat, eliminating the risk of burn injuries

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Dot Shot Pro

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QuikDot Pro

Manual Equipment

Dot N Go

Manual Equipment


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Auto Dot Pro

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