Glue Dots as a Trusted Adhesive for the Food & Beverage Industry

Adhesives are a vital component of almost every packaging application. Glue Dots are one of…

Glue Dots as a Trusted Adhesive for the Food & Beverage Industry

by | August 29, 2019

Adhesives are a vital component of almost every packaging application. Glue Dots are one of the most trusted adhesives on the market today. Glue Dots were the first double-sided adhesive dots and created a viable alternative to other types of adhesive. Compared to hot-melt glues, liquid glues, and tapes, Glue Dots are cleaner and safer. Every Glue Dots product is easy to use, acid free, non-toxic, and instantly bonding.

The food and beverage industry makes heavy use of adhesives, especially in the packaging of food products.

Food & Beverage Packaging Adhesives


Our food and beverage packaging adhesives can be used in many different ways. These include:

  • Internal Packaging Adhesives

Instead of having a desiccant or oxygen absorber loose inside of the package, Glue Dots can easily secure it to the interior, extending shelf life and keeping products fresh. With Glue Dots, you can also easily, efficiently, and securely group small items into one package.

  • Exterior Packaging Adhesives

On the exterior of packaging, Glue dots can be used to easily attach labels, coupons, or samples. In applications like this, Glue Dots are much cleaner, more efficient, and less wasteful than hot glue, tape, or liquid glue.

  • Hot Melt Repairs

Glue Dots can also be used in hot melt repairs. They can control damage, breakage, and loss. This will keep your products on the shelf.

For the food and beverage industry, we recommend two of our handheld Glue Dots applicators:

  • The Dot Shot Pro applies Glue Dots quickly, neatly, and in the exact target location. Handheld and portable, it can go wherever you need it. The Dot Shot Pro dispenses single or multiple adhesive patterns simultaneously. It can accommodate many different types of patterns, including standard Glue Dots, Stitch, and MatrX.
  • The QuikDot Pro cleanly and seamlessly seals lightweight chipboard and corrugated cardboard without the need for tape or hot melt glue guns, making clunky adhesive methods a thing of the past. With the QuikDot Pro and Glue Dots brand adhesives, you can quickly increase the efficiency of your food and beverage packaging processes.

Why Glue Dots Brand Adhesives

Glue Dots Brand Adhesives are more convenient and safer than many alternative adhesives such as liquid glues, hot-melts, or double-sided tape. They don’t need extended drying times or high heat, and they are less cumbersome and wasteful than tape.

Glue Dots have been used in many different applications, such as:

  • Securing the orientation of products to keep them in place during shrink-wrapping
  • Seamlessly fixing failure points in hot-melt
  • Attaching product information sheets and outserts to pharmaceutical package exteriors
  • Holding gift baskets securely and attractively in place
  • Attaching gift cards and other promotional items
  • Closing brochures and other paper products
  • Holding components in place before and during assembly of final products

The Glue Dots product line includes double-sided, continuous, and stitch pattern adhesives. They also come in different strengths, depending on the needs of your application, such as low-, medium-, and high-profile and tack levels. Glue Dots offers removable, semi-permanent, and permanent bond strength adhesives.

All Glue Dots adhesives are non-toxic, odorless, and don’t leave a residue. This makes them perfect for food and beverage applications where customer safety is the highest priority. Glue Dots are FDA, VOC, and REACH compliant.

In the food and beverage industry, packaging and adhesives are vital. Glue Dots provide a safe and clean alternative to liquid glues, hot-melts, and tapes.

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